Being Faithful Stewards 3

Being Faithful Stewards #3

Catholic Community Foundation Endowments

These are the funds that our parish has in the Catholic Community Foundation

St Patrick – Mount Savage Mary Winner Music Scholarship $ 2,780
St Patrick – Mount Savage Mary Murray Endowment $ 96,130
St Patrick – Mount Savage Historical and Maintenance Fund $ 137,066
St Patrick – Mount Savage Parish Endowment $ 1,470
St Patrick – Cumberland
Historical and Maintenance $ 148,576

We only have access to spend the annual interest payments. We are not allowed to touch the principal of any account.

Annual Archbishop’s Appeal

The cash that we have received from the Appeal’s pledges and gifts as of September 29, 2016 is $116, 892.00. This money has been earmarked for the replacement of the roof on the Parish Office Center 300 East Oldtown Road. Construction will begin in early October, 2016.

More about the Cemeteries

The cost of grass cutting at our five cemeteries is $36,579.00 a year. We have found a way that we can drastically reduce or eliminate this cost.

We have been able to get permission from the Archdiocese to allow our parishioners to do the grass cutting and trimming. If willing parishioners who live near one of our cemeteries pledge to do the grass cutting on a regular and as needed schedule, we would be doing corporal work of mercy by personally maintaining and caring for the resting places of our beloved dead.

This act of mercy would enable us to put more into our perpetual care fund. We were recommended at our last audit in the Spring of 2016 to set aside two million dollars in the Catholic Community Foundation to insure perpetual care for each of our cemeteries when our parishioners are no longer able to do the upkeep.

Thank you for being a faithful parishioner of Our Lady of the Mountains!