Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible

“Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible”
A New Bible Study Program

“To fall in love with God is the greatest of all romances; to seek him, the greatest adventure.” (St. Augustine) The Bible is at the heart of our faith and our relationship with God. Much more than just another book, it is a ‘place’ where our heavenly Father comes down to meet us and speaks to us with Love. Millions of people have found it to be a rich source of wisdom, encouragement, instruction and solace. Reading the Bible should bring us closer to Christ personally and communally. It is at the heart of our Christian Traditions, beliefs and religious practice. Many do not appreciate or understand the Word of God nor the way it can be a ‘life changing experience’. This is an opportunity that will be rewarding.

“Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible” is a nine (9) week course that will give participants a simple way of focusing on the ‘story’ of Scripture to help the participant understand the ‘big picture’ of the Bible and God’s love for us. This course will be a gateway to other Bible studies and provide a deeper appreciation of Catholic spirituality and desire to love God with our whole hearts.

If you are interested, the dates for ‘Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible’ are Mondays beginning September 19th to November 14th. The sessions will be an hour and half and include a video presentation, opportunity for discussion and reflective homework for your personal journey. Personal workbooks will be available to purchase to accompany the class presentations and participants will need a current Catholic Bible, preferably the New American Bible.

Father Louis and a Team of participants will facilitate the “Unlocking of the Mystery of the Bible”. Plan now to participate. Time and other details will be forthcoming. But you can help us determine interest by calling the Parish Office at 777-1750 or email us at OLMCumberland@archbalt.org.

You can find more information At Ascension Press .